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How can I re-start an EG session with all settings from a previous session?

For long-running code it can be frustrating when a session ends (either intentionally or unintentionally) and the process must be re-started from the beginning as:

  • all of the datasets in the WORK library have been deleted
  • previously declared system options have reverted to default
  • macro variables have been deleted from the GLOBAL symbol table
  • macro program definitions have been deleted from the macro catalog in the WORK library
  • format definitions in the WORK catalog have also been deleted

Since SAS 9.4 there has been a simple solution with PROC PRESENV which easily PREServes your ENVironment.


The first stage is to set the GLOBAL system option

options presenv ;

then assign a permanent library to contain the datasets and catalogs

libname bkup 'c:\bkup' ;

This location should NOT contain any other datasets / catalogs as the first stage of the process is to delete anything already in the directory, to be replaced by the current session data.

Assign a file to contain SAS code which the procedure generates to restore the session

filename rest 'c:\bkupcode\presenv_restore.sas' ;

After adding the main body of code add the PROC PRESENV code to create the restore point.

options presenv ;

libname bkup 'c:\bkup' ;

filename rest 'c:\bkupcode\presenv_restore.sas' ;

proc format ;
  picture hmsd
    low - high = '-%0H-%0M-%0S' (datatype = time) ;
run ;

%let tstp = %sysfunc(putn(%sysfunc(time()),hmsd9.)) ;
%put &=tstp ;

%macro runit ;
  %put NOTE: This macro does nothing. ;
%mend runit ;


options nodate ;
title 'Change the default TITLE' ;

data class ;
  set sashelp.class ;
run ;

proc print ;
run ;

proc presenv
  permdir = bkup
  sascode = rest
run ;

In a new session open the code generated in the specified restore file and submit it.

The existing code can then be re-started from the restore point, without having to re-run the preceding code.

Alan D Rudland
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