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Can I dynamically create a sub-directory and assign a LIBREF to it?

How cool would that be!  Imagine that you have a need to create a new sub-directory to store data for each run of your code, but don't want to always have to remember to create the directory first 'then' run the code!

Well fear not - there is a SAS Global System Option which will come to your aid.

options dlcreatedir ;

Simply specify the new sub-directory in a LIBNAME statement, and if it does not already exist, then SAS will create it for you and assign the library.

For example, create a timestamped sub-directory with the year and week number:

%let wk = %sysfunc(putn(%sysfunc(today()),weekw5.)) ;

libname mylib "c:\reports\&wk" ;

SAS will dynamically create sub-directories in the form \22W17 \22W18 etc.

N.B. SAS will only create the final component in this directory hierarchy (i.e. the '\reports' directory must already exist). 

Alan D Rudland
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